Love & Community: Reflections on Traveling to Israel

Israel Group SS

14 days. 2 trainers. 8 trainees. 35 person classes and workshops…
And a 10 hour time change.

About 10 years ago I had a vision that someday I might be able to teach Nia, travel, and witness how the Joy of Movement had manifested overseas. Whether it was watching our trainees count Nia’s 8BC System in Hebrew (a music notation method), placing my hands on the Western Wall in Jerusalem with Vickie and our producer Adi Goren, or looking out as 40 people danced our Touch Routine in unison, I constantly found myself getting chills as I realized how the power of love and community had collaborated to help make one of my biggest dreams become a reality: We traveled and trained the Nia White Belt in Israel.

If you ever find yourself in the fortunate position to be able to travel to Israel, I only have one piece of advice: Go! This is a remarkable, ancient and inspiring country whose spiritual history is so beautifully diverse and ingrained in the landscape that everywhere we went felt sacred in some way.

Although I have traveled to South America, Indonesia and beyond, Israel had something I never encountered in such overflowing abundance: heart. Vickie and I were surrounded with a sense of love and community by the multiple Nia communities we visited, as countless teachers opened up their spaces and invited their students to dance with us. We taught in sweetly rustic community centers, high tech university gyms, a high school music room, an industrial and hip drum/dance school, and a personal home studio that supported our entire training. Did I mention the luxurious salt water swimming pool that came along with the training space?

If our trainees had been any more generous, I think we would have come back 10 pounds heavier! We ate the most delectable foods everyday (no hummus will ever compare) and enjoyed evenings out in Tel Aviv, where we walked along the Mediterranean. Tel Aviv is officially my new favorite city with its progressive attitude, colorful marketplaces, historical architecture, delicious cuisine, beach side restaurants, and cobblestone walkways. I could have easily spent an entire summer enjoying and exploring this incredible city…

More than anything, what I appreciated most about our trip to Israel was the sense of love and community. Family is such a center point of the culture, and this sensation was present amidst all our classes, workshops, and trainings. Whether it was the generosity and stellar producing efforts of Adi Goren or Nia teachers Amy Warshawsky, Hani Sade, Meirav Jones, Il’Il (sp?), and all of their students and fellow teachers, the sense of love was omnipresent. Many of these women I’ve danced with and known from my teaching days in Boston, and it was awesome to reunite after all these years. I am deeply grateful for each individual who shared in the Joy of Movement dance with us, and I eagerly await our next trip to this beautiful land.

Cheers to our 8 new White Belt graduates Adva, Mimi, Einat, Einav, Ravit, Yafit, Idit, and Hila!

May we dance together again and again…


4 thoughts on “Love & Community: Reflections on Traveling to Israel

  1. rebecca

    I’m so happy that you enjoyed your trim and that you made it to the wall :)….pretty amazing place. Looking forward to dancing with you soon.


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