Just Do It – Befriend Discomfort & Take Action


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

It’s incredible how many little things and emotions get in my way of accomplishing something. Whether it’s the desire to be perfect, have all my ducks in a row, to find the “right time” to do something, or to be in the most stable emotional state to speak to someone, I am constantly in awe of the number of metaphorical boulders (and sometimes icebergs) my mind creates that prevent me from getting shit done.

Yes, I want to get shit done. Lot’s of it, in fact!

Over the last three months, I’ve been consciously increasing my awareness of these perceived roadblocks that seek to derail my ambitions. I say “perceived” because as I’ve studied them, I’ve found them to be nothing more than fabricated little barriers to my own success. And yet, there is a lot to learn from such a barrier. As I pushed my comfort edge in a variety of areas of my life, I began to get the sense that no matter what “iceberg” I was facing, it was always made of the same substance: Fear. Fear of rejection, judgment, the unknown, or not having enough, to name a few. After many semi-successful attempts at alleviating these fears – à la meditation, yoga, and long walks in the forest – the words of my mentor, Annette Franks, resounded though my mind:

“Are you willing to be comfortable being uncomfortable, Allison?”

This question has served as an incredible anchor and inspiration for me as I’ve moved through a variety of life transitions. To learn how to befriend  discomfort creates a state of pure allowance and acceptance within me, plus I’ve always loved the sensation of stepping in with a courageous heart; having fear but proceeding in spite of it.  Forget being 100% elegant. Authentic is enough.

So I asked myself, what if I just did it, whatever “it” was, and allowed myself to embrace whatever emotions accompanied the choice?

So that’s exactly what I did . I dove 150% into my position as a Nia Trainer, added more classes and events, began traveling, and booked my first international co-training in Israel. To activate the energy of action has been extremely empowering. In taking action, we sense our fire, our drive, and our ability to manifest. 

My co-trainer Vickie Saito has been an inspiration in this regard. I have never met someone who can get so much done in such small windows of time and still look radiant at the end of the day! What I have learned from Vickie is quite simple: Just do it. Want to lead retreats to the ocean? Drive out there and book it. Want to add more Nia classes? Pick up the phone and call studios. Want to publish a book? Write it first. Want to promote yourself online and don’t know how? Find a cheap website builder and start small and simple. Want to collaborate with other teachers? Reach out. Need help? Ask someone for it. Just. Do. It.

When I recapitulate my 10-year career teaching Nia, I find so many instances of how just doing something brought abundance. From approaching teachers I was initially intimidated by and asking them to mentor me, to building my own website, even to becoming a White Belt Trainer, abundance flowed every time I pushed my comfort zone and put myself out there. Taking action, as it turned out, was much more productive than standing still. Whenever I’m working with new teachers, I encourage them to add not 1, but 2-4 classes per week when they start teaching. Why? It’s the fastest way to get better. If you teach 4 classes per week, you’re going to get better four times as quickly than you would if teaching only 1. It’s a lot like learning to swim: You can read all the books on the topic, watch countless videos, but at the end of the day the only way you’re going to learn how to swim is to get in the water. Our skill and technique can only be refined by the act of doing. 

What do you want most? My invitation is to make like Nike and just do it.

“A year from now you’ll wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb


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